A lot like THE END

This is the Crossed Bones effin Queen, Jess is letting me post here cause she is fixin' some crap while we wait for the night at some random abandoned hostel we found.

Neither of us can sleep, obviously.

[ Flashback to insanity ]

So there I was... you know, normal day and all that jazz. I went to buy strings for my fender cause crap got messed up last rehearsal and.. anyway, as I'm there I heard this loud crash, bodies flying across my head, people running, crazy shit.
See I'm no genius or anything, but I know when I have to run. I hate sports, you know? But I'm all about running. I've been running my whole entire life. So I ran. I ran as fast as I could to get out of that place, but when I got outside, it was like hell had come to earth. Zombies. God damn motherfucking zombies, dude.
Right out there, following my stupid fresh human blood smell.
Gosh I wished I had not showered.
I got a hold of the first thing I saw, a baseball bat, and crushed heads without thinking twice. I figured, once you're one of 'em there is no turning back. I bet these people I swung around would even thank me for that.
Long story short, as I'm trying to survive, I bumped into this kid... she is not mys style. Definitely not the person I'd like to spend the apocalypse with, but shit happens

[ /Flashback to insanity ]

I am using Jess' cellphone to post this here and the battery is dying...
Also Ima let her explain ya'll what the hell is going on.



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