A lot like THE END

This is the Crossed Bones effin Queen, Jess is letting me post here cause she is fixin' some crap while we wait for the night at some random abandoned hostel we found.

Neither of us can sleep, obviously.

[ Flashback to insanity ]

So there I was... you know, normal day and all that jazz. I went to buy strings for my fender cause crap got messed up last rehearsal and.. anyway, as I'm there I heard this loud crash, bodies flying across my head, people running, crazy shit.
See I'm no genius or anything, but I know when I have to run. I hate sports, you know? But I'm all about running. I've been running my whole entire life. So I ran. I ran as fast as I could to get out of that place, but when I got outside, it was like hell had come to earth. Zombies. God damn motherfucking zombies, dude.
Right out there, following my stupid fresh human blood smell.
Gosh I wished I had not showered.
I got a hold of the first thing I saw, a baseball bat, and crushed heads without thinking twice. I figured, once you're one of 'em there is no turning back. I bet these people I swung around would even thank me for that.
Long story short, as I'm trying to survive, I bumped into this kid... she is not mys style. Definitely not the person I'd like to spend the apocalypse with, but shit happens

[ /Flashback to insanity ]

I am using Jess' cellphone to post this here and the battery is dying...
Also Ima let her explain ya'll what the hell is going on.




Is anyone else getting this?

It seems I'm going crazy here, I feel like I'm the kid from the Sixth Sense... It'd be ridiculous to say I see dead people and I can talk to them, but seriously it seems like these strange people I've been finding on the streets are dead, or close to it.
My parents don't believe me when I tell them there are really strange things happening here, I really have feeling that the people getting that weird illness and the strange people on the streets are related, but I can't find how.
Is anyone here that agrees with me?  Maybe you've experienced it too and perhaps, just perhaps, think that they are related?
I'm so scared about all of this, it seems the only place that is safe is being online.  But I'm concerned it might get to me, get to my house, to my family... I don't want that to happen.

Crazy days

Just let me tell you about the past few days in my life...
Since classes at school seem to be cancelled indefinitely, I decided to go visit a friend of mine... he's been quite sick for the past week or so and I wanted to know how he was doing.  He couldn't really talk much, his roommate said that he had come home after going out with some friends; he had a cut on his arm that looked strange.  Right after that, he seemed to have high fever and just went to sleep, the next morning he was really sick.  I'm not a doctor, but it didn't really seem like the fever was caused by his arm injury, I mean, the arm doesn't even seem to be infected...  I don't know, I wish he could see a doctor to really find out what's the problem.
Anyway, on this weekend, I decided to go out for a walk with another friend, we were near the park when this crazy man pretty much attacks us!  Makes me wish I was carrying a knife or something... that dude just jumped at us and tried biting me and my friend... I managed to get him off my friend's back and we ran as fast  as we could.  Oh boy that was so scary...  The guy smelled so horrible, like roadkill or something like that.  Makes me wonder what he had eaten before attacking us.  We went to the hospital just in case that guy had rabies or something...  I wasn't really hurt, but my friend got scraped behind her neck.  Doctors disinfected the wound and made sure everything was clean.  She seems alright, the wound wasn't very deep.
I went home right after that.  I guess that's why I haven't posted much this week, I don't know... doesn't seem like being outside is very safe now, but I didn't have much energy to get online either.
I am just trying to make sense of all of this:   The ill people, that crazy man attacking us, even the increased presence of policemen and militia on the streets.... what's up with that?


For more consideration

I may have not explained myself properly in the previous post... I have a tendency to talk as if others knew what is on my mind...  But I really hope many people have noticed already these events...  It is definitely not a normal situation.
All of these things so far, are quite unrelated... or at least I can't think of a logic to the relation; they are just things that have caught my attention for being too out of the ordinary.
For the past few days, I've not been able to go to classes... my teachers have called in sick.  This weekend I missed a very good friend of mine, he got sick as well.  What is it with everyone getting so sick lately?
Have you gone out on the streets lately?  I live in a small college town, not much to see here... but for the past few weeks (and probably before than that... I'm not one to go out very often) there has been a lot of strange people, weird looking... kind of dead looking, if that's not stretching it, walking out on the streets.  It scares me some times... makes me want to stay at home even more.
Have you noticed these things too?  Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one that finds it too strange to be true.


To whom it may concern:

I have created this blog to reach out to those who have experienced what I have and believe there's something more to it than just chance.
I know there are strange people on the streets, I have seen odd things happening in my neighborhood, weird behaviors in others.  I know you have seen them too.  That's why you are here, that's why we all are here.